Meet the family 

Toffee & Truffle (8 & 1 next b'days) 

What can I say about these two that adequately sums up what they have brought to Dogpanion since they joined as weekly guests in January. 

Truffle was weeks old when I first met him and he has grown over the last 6 months into a fine fellow, always eager to be first to my side when I whistle and full of typical Cockapoo energy every day he comes. His big Sister Toffee is a sweetheart and he is a lucky chap to have such a fine dog to look up to. She has attitude and style in abundance, is the most excited for walks and eats up miles better than Otis the Vizslador (above). 

Bestest couple of ginger nuts you'll ever meet. 

  • Dog tricks and training  
  • Pet photography (full studio)
  • Trial days to get them settled 
  • Bigger breeds a speciality
  • Special diets (raw only) are catered for no problem 

For an informal chat or to arrange a trial stay with us at Dogpanion, call us on 01275 374602 or submit details of your enquiry using the 'get in touch' page navigated above. 

Mum & Dad - Gave up the rat race to live in this beautiful setting. Animal lovers both, with Dad taking the reigns (leads) at Dogpanion. 


Ruby (3 next birthday) 

Part of the furniture is our Ruby, the Alaskan Malamute, who won my heart the first time she stayed a week with us back last summer. I look forward to her every stay and think she does too, a bit.

Her natural athleticism suits our biggest walks in the woods and she plays with the other guests for hours on end in the gardens. The 'alpha' in any group situation, regardless of males in her company, her massive intelligence and sublime movement are a thing to behold, but require a physical and confidence inspiring handler. I worked with Ruby in the early days with her possessiveness around certain toys and she made huge improvement very quickly. If Andrew and Julie would part with her I'd adopt her tomorrow - she's one in a million and they adore her I know!

One of Ponyo's favourites for sure and it's easy to see why. 

Whether it's work, a social event or a family holiday, you want to be sure that your dog enjoys the best of life while you're gone. Our ethos is to involve your pet in our daily schedule of playtime, exercise and rest. Guests are treated as family at Dogpanion, that way a holiday for you is one for them too! 

"The boutique dog holiday home"

Sitting in a sheltered and secluded spot beneath rolling hills of grass, this gated residence and former mill features plentiful outside space in many forms. From its flat manicured lawns, trees and shrubs, sloped grassy banks, patios and shady spots - to a de-commissioned moat, basketball court and bamboo bushes. Various outhouses and a neighbouring horse stables give the dogs plenty of space to explore whilst stone perimeter walls and electrically operated gates keep them safe and secure.

Inside the home features a large country kitchen and utility space, which with its AGA provides the perfect spot for multiple dogs to lay in perfect comfort. Stable doors give open access to the grounds all day.    


  • Fully Licensed by Somerset Council
  • Public Liability Insured
  • Low occupancy means real 1:1 time
  • All breeds and size of dog considered 
  • Secure & idyllic grounds to enjoy
  • Relaxed family atmosphere
  • Deluxe but affordable  
  • Literally the best walks available in Bristol
  • Bespoke stays that reflect the home environment your dog is used to 
  • Our extended dog family ARE our family and most of them are known to each other nowadays 

Dogpanion   Bristol

Ponyo - Our resident two year old Pug, who has charm and character way beyond her diminutive stature. 

Manu (1st birthday in March) 

Another heavyweight with a heart of gold, he's an intimidating sight as he runs towards you at almost 10 stone already, with his black mask and gigantic paws. But the Leonberger breed are known for being excellent in nature and despite his dimensions he is a pleasure to be around and always excellent on the lead. 

A growing boy, his diet for a weeks stay roughly resembles that of a family of four, 1.5kg per day of raw chicken, beef, pork, mince and duck necks. After a busy day with us he rifles through his food in seconds, bones and all. 

Still every bit the playful puppy, Manu is totally unaware of his size, but a more trustworthy dog you would not find - he's a true gentle giant and will be a wonderful lad fully grown! 

Harley (Again, not yet a year old)

Another owner so very well prepared, seeking us out before he joined the family. So lucky we are that Renate and Ian chose us to have Harley when the holiday and have work commitments, because this Labrador is a bundle of fun. 

Having him from his early days, he is growing up used to all the older dogs company and the varied wanders we enjoy on a daily basis. He is so well behaved it is always a pleasure to have him stay, I just hope he's as attached to us as we are to him! 

Love you H x 


Jackie (3 next birthday)

Timid and shy this elegant young lady Eurasier has formed a strong attachment over her last few holiday stays. Not the sort of dog who accepts everyone on equal terms, you have to earn her trust and when you do the rewards of her friendship come. 

Very fond of our Ponyo, Jackie is so quiet it is easy to forget she is around. I can take her to any relative's house, restaurant or gathering sure of remarks about her sublime look and soft demeanour in equal number. 

Don't ever change Jackie x

key benefits

Bosco (2 next birthday ) 

A true goliath of a dog, at around 65kg this Bernese Mountain Dog thinks he's still a puppy when at play with the others. He has to be reminded of the physical limitations of his size, so as not to do himself harm. Prefering a flat area we restrict his play to the front gardens, as the rear slopes are hard on his joints. 

Requiring a massive area of floor when he stretches out to relax (roughly the size of a small garden shed!), Bosco is as lovable and soppy as any dog we have on our books. He loves humans and is a true 'mans best friend', wanting nothing more than your praise and attention. 

The 'Boscinator' as we call him, is a big old softy - just like Arnie. 

THE FREQUENT FLYERS... ( a small selection of our repeat guests)

Bruce (6 next birthday)

One of our very first clients was Bruce and we all fell in love with him instantly. Who could resist his winning smile and his enthusiasm for a tennis ball? Our pug Ponyo would start a whirlwind romance with this cheeky chap if we let her and they happily share a spot in front of the AGA during down time. 

We have a tradition in this house that when I take a booking for him and mention it to the girls, there is a chorus of "Bruuuuce!" heard ringing around the place on the lead up to his arrival. Such is the infectious nature of the boy, who rarely stops the entire time he stays with us. 

Noodle (6 next birthday) 

Look at that face! I can't help but smile every time I see it come up the driveway towards me. 

Small, but with a character 10 times her stature, this little lady is very sophisticated, adorable and quietly confident in the group. She loves a ball and beats most of the boys to one, when she decides she wants it. One half of the fabulous family duo 'Peggy n Noods' (Peg will get her own mention!) they arrive together mostly with fun on their minds and the most luxurious leather sofabed I've seen. 

Take it easy Noods x 

around the house 

Alfie & Pablo (2 & 1 next birthdays)

If there were two dogs destined to be in our family of pups, its these two. A pair of stylish and pampered boutique breeds (Chug/French Bulldog) who are clearly used to the 'high life'. 

Probably feeling that a week or two with us is a few rungs down the ladder from their usual existence, they adore our Ponyo and remain glued to her the entire stay. Both boys are as fun to be around as they are handsome and I'm always sorry to see them go home. Lucky for us Mum and Dad go away a lot, so we never have to wait long before the next stay! 

See you soon boys. (*I should mention, we have also just taken on another Frenchie from the same family and Winston, you are very welcome too) x


Our Grade II Listed home is a dog paradise in the countryside, within minutes of some of the best walks in North Somerset.

A secure private dwelling set in just under an acre of the most dog friendly grounds any owner could hope for.  

Our own dog Ponyo enjoys the life of luxury here and is willing to share her family with any guests who need looking after, walking, feeding or a place to stay overnight. 

Most of our guests are regular repeats, so new clients to us can rest assured that your dog is entering a true 'family' with us as we know all of our dogs so well...

our aim

Daisy - No greater animal lover exists on the planet. Our daughter lives and breathes to be around creatures big & small. 


Here at Dogpanion we believe in low dog numbers to promote social mixing without the loss of personal attention. This ensures your family pet is quite at home with us. We also never take a dog that is in any way aggressive and only house pets that are up to date with vaccinations.

optimum numbers 

Otis (1st birthday in April) 

Dogs can be so gorgeous sometimes, as Otis the Vizsla x Fox Red Labrador proves in spades. Regal in stance and with a lovely character to have around you, fast becoming one of our favourite guests in just a few short stays since December.

'Oats' simply eats up the miles around our house during our monster wanders, whether alone with me or in the company of others we clock up 8-10 miles a day easily. Seeing off woods, streams, fields, deer, mud and's never too much for this young man and when we return to the house its time for him to show off his other talent; sleeping! 


Jarvis Cocker (His next Birthday is his 1st!)

Jarvis the little ginger bear could melt the heart of a stone statue, such are his charms and obvious good looks. 

His parents sought our services before they had even become proud owners and so he came to us as a very young boy, wide eyed and full of fun. 

In the months since then, I have grown to love this little monkey like my own and he brings a smile to my face every single day. 

I give you....Jarvis x

Blu (3 next birthday)

We have a few British Bulldogs on our books, but this boy tops the charts for his imposing look, size and stance. Blu doesn't so much walk as he swaggers about the place, commanding respect from the other guests (despite being a total marshmallow of a dog really). His parents, like so many of our clients', are frequent skiers, so we actually took Blu over Christmas last year and with his charm, unconventional good looks and simply hilarious character traits, he made the festive season! 

Surprisingly quick when he's trying to keep pace with the bigger ones, Blu makes up for his over-exursion with stupendously long and loud naps. He passes out loudly and abundantly on any surface he cares to reach. 

We love you Big Blu x 

Bo (6 next birthday)

Another shy one, Bo is an ex racing Greyhound who is lucky to now have extremely loving owners. Her inability to trust new humans could be a throwback to her time without a forever home, but win that relationship and she's such a lovely girl to have around you. 

She can turn on that racing speed like a switch given half an opportunity and it's a delight to see her at full tilt. 

It is a pleasure to spend time with Bo, we all look forward to having her stay with us here. 

Go Bo, Go! 

Woody (9 next birthday)

A giant goofball and proud to be. If you don't like something about Woody, you should probably go have yourself checked he's a 100% star! 

Labradoodle (giant fluffball) in every sense, this old bear will melt your heart in a single meeting. He has been coming to us now for the past 6 months and I look forward to every stay. He is gentle, patient, great fun to be with and just loves any attention you or the other dogs give him. 

Add water and he really get excited, this big boy is a firm favourite with me and nobody would ever doubt why. 

Love ya Woody.